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IT management can be one of the most costly and time-consuming aspects of running a business, yet having sophisticated and efficient systems in place is often crucial to the long-term success and growth of any operation.

Depending on the infrastructure of your business, it sometimes pays to call in some additional IT support, whether to implement new software and systems, to manage upgrades or for ongoing IT management.

Deciding to outsource IT support is sometimes a no-brainer. It could be, for example, that you have decided to move your business to the cloud, but currently don’t have the expertise in-house to make the change. You could be looking for a partner who specialises in Microsoft Cloud solutions, such as Microsoft Office 365.

Other times, deciding if, and when, to outsource IT can be less clear-cut and needs to be weighed up against the practical and financial benefits.

First Class Technologies has been providing award-winning managed IT support in Lichfield for 20 years so we understand the factors involved in the decision-making process.

Immediate access to the best technology

In this digital age, software and hardware rapidly becomes obsolete and it can be difficult to keep abreast of the latest developments. Outsourcing gives you immediate access to the most recent technology and software, and often at a more affordable price.

Team of experts at your fingertips

Outsourcing can give you access to a whole team of experts with advanced technical skills and experience in a range of areas. This could open up new possibilities and solutions that were previously unavailable to you due to the training and implementation costs.

Boost your competitiveness

The larger competitors in your field often have extensive in-house IT departments, software and skills that you just don’t have the budget for. Buying in that support through a third party can level the playing field and even help give you the edge.

Cost savings

When using the services of a third partner, there’s the obvious savings associated with hiring a member of staff. You will also get more bang for your buck, both in terms of the expert advice you can access and the reduced costs that usually result from the bulk purchasing and leasing of hardware and software that IT support specialists can secure. For example, we have partnerships with Microsoft, Dell, Sophos and other vendors.


At First Class Technologies, for example, we have a managed IT support package to suit everyone. This includes simple break/fix support, third-line support to complement your in-house IT team, or fully managed support systems. Our services are tailored to give you exactly what you need.

Super-fast support

Outsourcing often means tapping in to a larger team with greater capacity than you currently have in-house, so that help is always available. First Class Technologies has invested in the latest helpdesk, monitoring and remote support technology to provide the fastest and quickest IT support possible. It also allows us to remotely connect to your computer for extra fast responses. Plus, our monitoring system constantly checks your services so that problems can be identified and solved before you even know there’s anything wrong.

Free up internal resources

Trusting the external experts with IT support can help free up the valuable time of managers and other people in the business who could be doing other things, rather than getting bogged down in IT. Improved IT systems, as well as more time to focus on the big picture, could help boost overall business growth.

Our team are happy to talk if you need any further help or information about IT Support Lichfield, Microsoft Office 365, or any other aspects of IT management.


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