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Could your business survive after a critical loss of data?

Accidental deletions, fire, hardware failures, disasters, ransomware viruses and malicious activity are genuine threats facing every business, every day.

Datto backup systems protect against all these factors with the ultimate business continuity system.

Designed for rapid data recovery, Datto not only protects your business data but eliminates costly downtime, safeguards your professional reputation and ensures your business can operate again quickly and efficiently.

What is Datto Backup System?

Datto systems provide the ultimate business continuity solution for the backup, protection and recovery of your business data.

With Datto backup solutions, your most vital and valuable business data is kept safe and secure with both onsite and offsite hybrid-cloud solutions. This allows for data to be restored quickly in the event of data loss or disaster; providing an easy, hassle-free solution and complete peace of mind.

How Do Datto Systems Protect Your Business Data?

Datto systems are much more than the traditional data backup process you may be using now. Using innovative solutions, Datto utilises a hybrid-cloud backup to create an encrypted copy of your data files for storage at a secure location on-site as well as being replicated off-site in the cloud.

This means that should your files be deleted for any reason, you can guarantee a rapid recovery, even if your Datto device is damaged or destroyed thanks to secure off-site storage.

With Datto backup solutions, a new device can be shipped to your location overnight with restored data so you can avoid the internet transfer times that can take weeks, even months to restore.

Why Do You Need Datto Backup and Disaster Recovery? 

Datto data backup is a business continuity system designed to ensure the survival of your business in the event of data loss.

This means that even if your server hardware fails, your onsite storage is destroyed or your online data is threatened through ransomware, there is always a way to get your business operating again quickly and efficiently.

With downtime now estimated at an average of £5,306 per hour for small companies to £133,266 per hour for larger companies, Datto backup system will not only save you loss of earnings and associated costs, but complete reassurance that your data, operating system, preferences and settings are protected and easily restored.

 Will it Suit Your Business?

There are a number of Datto systems available to suit your needs, from smaller operating enterprises to large businesses.

For small businesses without dedicated IT staff, maintaining current data backup with off-site storage is often overlooked due to time or even budget restrictions. With Datto’s built-from the ground up systems, small businesses can benefit from a range of devices that are specifically designed for small businesses and based on demand. Now with field upgrades available, Datto backup grows alongside the business to always provide the best protection at the right budget.

For large businesses with an extensive need for data storage, Datto provides high performance data backup solutions offering multi-site disaster recovery. With the latest technology, Datto backup systems for large businesses enables whole infrastructures to be recovered quickly and effortlessly.

 How to Purchase and Install a Datto Continuity System

As a Premier Plus Datto partner, First Class Technologies supply, install and maintain Datto business continuity systems within the U.K.

We understand that protecting your business data is always urgent, so for a quick response and identification of the best Datto solution for your business complete the contact form or call today on: 01543 414152.


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