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Teams is more than just a video chat offering, it comes with a built-in communications app to facilitate working together with other people on files and documents.

It features VoIP, text and video chat as well as integration with Microsoft Office and SharePoint that anyone can use, although it is beneficial to people already using Office 365.

Teams will eventually become the built-in workplace communications app for Windows and Office, replacing Skype for Business.

If you’re using Teams to keep in touch with colleagues and clients, we thought you’d find this list of hotkeys useful, for when using Teams on Windows desktop.

• Go to compose box: C
• Expand compose box: Ctrl+Shift+X
• Send: Ctrl+Enter
• Attach file: Ctrl+O
• Start new line: Shift+Enter
• Reply to thread: R
• Mark as important: Ctrl+Shift+I

Meetings and Calls
• Accept video call: Ctrl+Shift+A
• Accept audio call: Ctrl+Shift+S
• Decline call: Ctrl+Shift+D
• Start audio call: Ctrl+Shift+C
• Start video call: Ctrl+Shift+U
• Toggle mute: Ctrl+Shift+M
• Toggle video: Ctrl+Shift+O
• Toggle fullscreen: Ctrl+Shift+F
• Go to sharing toolbar: Ctrl+Shift+Space

• Open Activity: Ctrl+1
• Open Chat: Ctrl+2
• Open Teams: Ctrl+3
• Open Calendar: Ctrl+4
• Open Calls: Ctrl+5
• Open Files: Ctrl+6
• Go to previous list item: Left Alt+Down Arrow key
• Move selected team up: Ctrl+Shift+Up Arrow key
• Move selected team down: Ctrl+Shift+Down Arrow key
• Go to previous section: Ctrl+Shift+F6
• Go to next section: Ctrl+F6

• Show keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl+Full Stop (.)
• Go to Search: Ctrl+E
• Show commands: Ctrl+Slash (/)
• Goto: Ctrl+G
• Start a new chat: Ctrl+N
• Open Settings: Ctrl+Comma (,)
• Open Help: F1
• Close: Esc
• Zoom in: Ctrl+Equals (=)
• Zoom out: Ctrl+Minus (-)
• Invoke Cortana: Left+Alt+C


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