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It’s often said that there is nothing more frustrating than a loss of email communication when running a business.

Not only does it disrupt productivity, cause expensive downtime and damage customer relationships, but it usually requires the business owner (probably yourself) to choose between becoming an overnight I.T. expert to troubleshoot the issue or pay for outside help to restore email functionality.

This is especially true if your business uses in-house email servers. These power-hungry machines demand continual maintenance and expensive upgrades to manage backups, increase storage and combat cyber threats.

So, when it comes to choosing a reliable option for email services, many businesses, from new start-ups to larger established organisations are choosing the headache free option of professional business email hosting.

Why Choose Business Email Hosting Services

As a business email user, your maximum involvement with emails should really be limited to writing, sending and receiving them – not troubleshooting downtime.

That’s why a business email hosting service is an ideal option for the majority of businesses. Because all that is required is an internet connection, and the complexities of emails and exchange servers are all taking care of; including maintenance, security and upgrades.

You see, email hosting services utilise cloud storage, this means that business emails and data can be stored in highly secure locations and accessed only by the business and its email users.

Managed completely by professional email hosting providers, cloud-based business email hosting services offer a liberating number of solutions for businesses, such as:

  • A reduction in total costs and I.T. resources
  • Fully managed email infrastructure
  • Strong security and regularly updated virus protection
  • No requirements for maintenance or upgrading
  • Guaranteed uptime
  • Simple to use features
  • Regular backups to protect against data loss
  • A reduction of energy costs for a greener, cleaner business
  • Options to scale-up and grow with your business

However, it’s important to choose a business email provider that suits your business needs and offers an email hosting service that you can rely on.

That’s why, as managed IT and cloud specialists, we have identified what we feel is an ideal option for the majority of businesses looking for affordable, reliable and hassle-free business email hosting services.

Your Recommended Business Email Provider

For a complete package that is designed to suit the needs of a professional business, you’ll find Microsoft Office 365 business hosted email to be an ideal option.

Starting from as little as £2.50 per user, per month – Office 365 hosted email provides you with everything you should expect for a reliable and hassle-free business email infrastructure including:

  • Anywhere access to emails, calendars and contacts on desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets
  • Anti-malware and anti-spam protected mailboxes
  • Data loss prevention to prevent sensitive data being sent by mistake
  • 24-hour monitoring and security to safeguard your data
  • 9% guaranteed email uptime
  • Complete backups for emails in case of accidental deletion
  • On premise access to emails, contacts, calendar through Outlook
  • 50 GB of email storage per user and unlimited storage options
  • Affordable pricing compared to many other business email providers

In addition to these valuable features, First Class Technologies will make the transition over to Office 365 email hosting so streamlined that staff and employees won’t even notice the difference; you can even have the same user interface that you used with your previous in-house server.

With Microsoft Office so established in the business world, migrating over to Office 365 email hosting services is a great choice for businesses already familiar with the Microsoft user experience and who want to take advantage of their powerful, web-based collaboration tools.

And let’s face it, Microsoft won’t be packing-up shop anytime soon, so you also have the extra reassurance of a business email hosting provider that will be delivering expert services well in to the future of your business.

Making Office 365 Email Hosting Work for Your Business

As far as hosted email services go, Office 365 is an ideal email hosting service that meets the needs of many businesses with its added value package, affordable cost and robust security.

So why struggle with complex in-house server maintenance, expensive email hosting providers and limited email storage? With email infrastructure and high security a critical part of all successful businesses, it’s important to get it right.

You can find out today if Office 365 emailing hosting services is right for your business and your budget – all you need to do is call our team who are waiting to provide you with expert advice on getting emails working for your business.

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