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Aquila Truck Centres, specialist providers in commercial vehicle sales, service and repair in the West Midlands, understand the importance of keeping brand promises.

They knew that customer satisfaction would benefit their business, not just with an established base of loyal customers but with the recognition of a reliable brand.

So when Aquila contacted First Class Technologies in early 2000, they were looking for a company with similar values to their own.  A company that could provide consistently high performing IT networks to help them deliver on their brand promises of 24 hour facilities for parts and service, state-of-the-art technology and maximised fleet uptime for customers.

Gold Standard Supplier Relations

Initially, First Class provided Aquila with the development and maintenance of an IT network that could meet their needs over 2 main sites.

However, as the years passed, Aquila Truck Centres expanded across the Greater Midlands with 8 sites requiring an extended IT network.  First Class Technologies continued their reliable service by providing a strong IT infrastructure that was linked across the 8 facilities, 24 hours a day and incorporating over 100 workstations.

First Class knew that any down-time for Aquila would impact negatively on their ability to deliver on their customer promise of 24 hour service.  To minimise the possibility of any disruptive issues, First Class regularly maintains Aquila’s servers, network and cabling as
well as provide a comprehensive support contract.

As soon as a problem is reported, immediate investigations are conducted by First Class to resolve issues remotely.  Should it be identified that a site visit is needed, First Class then guarantees an engineer will attend on site within 4 hours of the report.

“I have worked directly with Richard and the First Class team for 15 years now.  What continually impresses me is their proactive, accommodating approach.  On many occasions, engineers have been known to remain on site until the early hours in order to resolve an issue.  The general ethos of the entire First Class team is responsive, co-ordinated and professional. I am frequently contacted by other IT suppliers but won’t contemplate moving away from First Class because I trust them implicitly and have complete confidence in the service that they provide for Aquila.  In fact, I consider First Class Technologies as my in-house IT Department because the relationship is effectively seamless. Would I recommend First Class Technologies?  Yes, without any hesitation, in fact I have already referred a number of key contacts to them!”


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