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Still running your own on-premise Exchange server for email?

Email servers are power hungry and complex beasts to run and, when they go down, they have a huge impact on your business as email is so critical in today’s world.  On top of that, you have to make sure your email servers are fully backed up in the event of a server failure or disaster.

Why not get rid of all that hassle and, for £3.00 per user per month, get the following benefits:

  • Identical user experience as your own server with access through Outlook (must be 2007 or above)
  • 50GB of email storage per user
  • Anti-spam protection built in (are you paying for this as well as your own server?)
  • Mobile and tablet support (including Blackberry)
  • Outlook Web Access
  • Access from anywhere with an internet connection
  • 99.9% financially backed up time guarantee
  • Fully backed up and resilient

To learn more about our advanced migration services for Microsoft Office 365 hosted email, get in touch now

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